I serve engaged couples by providing an up-leveled wedding photography experience so that they can get back to celebrating and enjoying the moment. ​

Carly Rose Photography began out of a love for taking photographs of happy- in-love couples and a belief that I could offer an unmatched wedding photography experience. 

As a photographer and a girl who has been a bride herself, I know how important it is to hire someone you trust to document your wedding day. It's more than just an 8 hour day. It's personal. It's catching the in between moments and freezing them in photos to last a lifetime and beyond.

Imagine your most joyous moments preserved as colorful, artistic works of art. When you work with Carly Rose Photography, you will receive images that portray a sense of carefree happiness and tell a story. Just the way you want to remember your wedding day.


Your marriage is more important than your wedding day. Once your wedding day is over, it is the vows you have made to one another that must stand the test of time. 


Photos are meant to tell a story. It is my goal to document your wedding day in images that you will be proud to hang on the walls of your home.


The “good old days" are happening right now. This season of life is an extra special one, and it deserves to be celebrated! 


I believe...

Growing up, It was common to see my dad with a camera in his hand. He would capture my sister and me exploring nearby park trails in the rain, admiring butterflies on our fingertips, and running through the sprinklers in our backyard. What a wonderful gift this was! To this day, looking through these seemingly mundane moments captured in photos brings me an infinite amount of happiness. Growing up watching my dad document our childhood allowed me to find my own love for photography and freezing moments in time. Together with my appreciation for art and editorial fashion, my love for portrait and wedding photography was realized.

My Story


We hired Carly to be our wedding photographer, and we couldn't have been any more thrilled with our experience! Right from the beginning, Carly helped erase any stress or anxiety a bride has while planning a wedding. Carly's personality is unmatched and she radiates such a fun and loving environment. Thank you Carly, for capturing our big day and all the special moments during.

- Carly and Jake

"We couldn't have been any more thrilled with our experience"