Saudé Creek Vineyards Wedding

Vienna and Duncan

Saudé Creek Vineyards was the perfect backdrop for Vienna and Duncan’s fairytale wedding day. Surrounded by grape vines and all of their favorite people, Vienna and Duncan said “I do” to forever.

How Did You Meet?

We met in band class in 6th grade. After meeting there, we soon found out that we also both rode the same bus to and from school. We became good friends for awhile and then developed feelings for each other (whatever that means in middle school…) Vienna made the first move one day after band class as we were walking to lunch. To this day, I will always remember how it went down….Vienna out of the blue says “So are you going to ask me out or what?!” And that’s when it allllll began! Since we were on and off dating throughout middle and high school,we do not exactly remember our first date. In middle school we couldn’t drive so we would always just be at each others houses. Once Duncan got his license Sophomore year, we actually starting going places just the two of us but we cannot seem to remember where. I am betting it was probably to a movie or something since that is what we loved to do with friends and family!

Vienna’s details included Chanel No. 5 perfume, a diamond necklace that belonged to her grandmother, and pearls that decorated her hairpiece and veil. Her bridal bouquet was made of white roses and fluffy peonies.

The spacious cottage at Saudé Creek was the perfect place for Vienna and her bridal party to get ready. The upstairs loft let lots of natural light in and made for beautiful bridal portraits.

What Is One Thing About The Other You Love The Most?

“The way he makes everyone around him feel comfortable and safe! He is truly loved by EVERYONE. Our entire lives people were drawn to Duncan because his personality lights up a room. He is one of the hardest workers I know, he is extremely compassionate, he is so funny, he is loyal, he is comforting! I have had multiple friends tell me that right away he makes them feel comfortable to be themselves and that they can tell him anything in the world and he will give the best advice.”


“What I love the most about her is that she compliments me and my personality so well. In other words, we are so incredibly compatible together. Where one of us has an area that we struggle in or aren’t as strong in, the other possesses the necessary strength or talent to fill in those gaps. I can always count on her to have my back and pick up any of my slack, and vice versa. There is no one else I think could ever fill that role for me as well as she does. She makes me confident that we could face down pretty much anything together with no problem.”


What Do You Love To Do Together?

We both have very busy lives and different schedules so when we are actually together we love a good snuggle up with pizza and cookies movie night! We also go to movies a lot since Duncan is a movie fanatic. We both LOVE the outdoors and being active so hiking is perfect for us. Oh and food, we love going to get good food and trying new things together!

Hand written vows were read in private, and will be a special wedding day keepsake.

What are you most excited about for your future together?

“EVERYTHING. For the majority of our mature relationship we have been long distance. It has been challenging but totally worth it. I think I am MOST excited about growing our love and relationship WITHOUT so many distractions. There are not many times when it is just the two of us so I cannot wait to start this new journey with him and build a life together. I want to come home from work to see him waiting for me in OUR HOME or vice versa. I want to travel and go out of our comfort zones try new things and meet new people and just LIVE with him.”


“We have been forced to have a long distance relationship ever since we graduated high school, so I’d say that I’m most excited about finally being able to live together and spend more time with each other. One of our favorite things to do together is to just chill and be with each other, being in the other’s presence is enough. With that in mind, I am super excited to be able to have that time together more often.”


Vienna’s mother buttoned her up into her gown. She then shared a first look with her dad, and there was not a dry eye in sight.

The couple shared a private first look at the cottage. Duncan’s smile when he saw his beautiful bride for the first time was so sweet to witness.

Luckily, the forecasted rain held off and the ceremony was able to take place outside. Violins played as Vienna walked down the aisle on her father’s arm.

Sunset photos in the grape vines were absolutely magical. The couple twirled down the aisle of vines, paused for a few photos, and returned to the reception to dance and celebrate with guests.

Venue: Saudé Creek Vineyards

Photography: Carly Rose Photography and Felix Photography

Videography: Whitecaps Films

Florals: Pollards Florist

HMU: The Posh Pair

Officiant: Jay Hibbard

Wedding Dress and Veil: Studio I Do Virginia Beach

Suit: The Black Tux

Rings: Rinehart Brothers Jewelers

D.J: Eye Am The Party Events

Catering: Sal’s By Victor

Cake: Sal’s By Victor

Coordinator: Emily Craven

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