Weddings on Film

In a world dominated by the newest digital technology, the allure of film photography remains captivating, especially when it comes to immortalizing the beauty and emotions of weddings. Film has a nostalgic and romantic look, one which digital cameras can’t fully replicate.

Film’s romantic and nostalgic look lends well to luxury wedding photography. It has a timelessness that will be enjoyed for years to come and, in my opinion, never go out of style. Trends come and go but the film look is here to stay, as evidenced by it’s on-going popularity. Film creates a look that is imperfect and unique- something that the modern mechanics of digital cameras can’t fully replicate. Film captures softness, delicate tones, and a dreamlike quality that elevates wedding photographs into works of art.

The Details 

Romance on Film

romance captured on film

A soft & alluring beauty


Film or digital?

Both! On a wedding day, I use both my digital and film cameras. While my main focus is capturing the day with my digital camera, I love to use a few rolls of film as well. When photographing with film, you must slow down and make every image count. The use of film calls for a heightened sense of observation and a keen eye for detail, resulting in dreamy and romantic wedding images.