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Wedding Day Advice From Past Carly Rose Photography Brides

Are you newly engaged and planning a wedding in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. or Maryland? Believe me when I tell you, your wedding day is going to fly by in a whirlwind of emotions! Happiness, nervousness, excitement…all while being surrounded by so much love! Because a wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience, you probably have no idea what to expect. I reached out to a few of my past Carly Rose Brides and asked them for any advice they may have for future brides that are planning a wedding and oh boy!- they did not disappoint! The replies are I received are gold! A huge thank you to each beautiful CRP Bride that sent me their wedding day advice!


“Stay true to yourself and trust your gut when it comes to the myriad of choices you have to make. Hire professionals that support your vision and communicate well. Your wedding will be more special if it feels like you, and you’ll be more relaxed knowing the day-of details are being handled by the pros!”


“If you feel emotional during your rehearsal dinner, whether it’s because you’re seeing your families together, or while doing your practice walk down the aisle.. let yourself feel all of your emotions and cry if you feel those tears coming on. BECAUSE, the next day, on your actual wedding day, you won’t cry (as much) and hopefully (maybe) you’ll be able to keep it more together than your future husband. ????”


“My tip would be keep your wedding true to who you are as a couple, not expectations of society or your family. Also you don’t have to break the bank to make your dream wedding. Be smart in what you want your focuses to be on, for me I wanted a good photographer and amazing flowers because pictures will be how we remember our perfect day. Stay true to yourselves and have fun!!!”


“I would say 1. Eat your full dinner even if you are shoveling it in and people come up to you to chat. 2. Live band is a must over DJ. Our guests raved about the band. 3. The morning of wedding…if things go wrong just remember you are marrying your best friend. You wont remember the minor mishaps with the jam packed day being surrounded by your closest friends!”


“Take a moment to soak it all in! The day is going to go by quick. Some things are going to go wrong but it will all work out! Don’t sweat the small stuff. What really matters the most is you’re surrounded by family and friends who are there to support and love you! Dance your ass off and have fun!! Don’t forget to eat dinner, that’s one piece of advice I have. There is so much going on that day and we’re glad we had the most incredible photographer who captured literally all the little details we’d never thought to even have! It might be also helpful to make a shot list even if you think think it’s obvious this way your photographer can make sure they get everything you want photographed.”


“1. Even though your closest family and friends will be helping you with the wedding, DO NOT let others sway your decision making for you and your partners big day! This is one day that you will remember forever and you want to make the most out of it❤️

2. Don’t be afraid to not have a bridal party! I chose not too for lots of reasons. The day is about you and your partner, not the bridal party. Your friends and family will still be there to support you! It’s less stress on everyone and it will save money!

3. If you plan to have a bridal party, be up front with how much it is going to cost and what your expectations are for everyone. Being in a wedding is a lot more expensive and time consuming than most people realize.”


“I would say listen to your friends and families advice. It really will all come together and be okay. No need to stress! Enjoy the days leading up to the wedding. It is exciting to see all your hard work and planning come together. Once the day arrives, slow down and take in every moment. It is your day and it is a day that you will always remember and will want to repeat over and over.”


“I would say “Don’t stress about thing little things that everyone says are normally in weddings, it’s your wedding, you can have as much decorations or as little. It’s about you, not about your guests, they are all there to support you two.????????”


If you are reading this post and are planning your own wedding, I hope something in the words above resonated with you! Who better to take advice from than past brides who have been in your shoes!?

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