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Why Every Couple Should Invest In A Wedding Album

The albums I offer have everything I want to provide to my clients: thick or thin pages, lay-flat binding, beautiful linen covers, high quality paper and printing, customized embossing….the list goes on and on. I seek to serve my clients from start to finish; from taking photos to delivering them. While I love digital files, I truly believe in the importance of tangible photos that can be held, framed and enjoyed. In this post, I will go over all of the reasons why albums are such an important investment.

Why do we need an album?

Imagine this: After your wedding day and once you have returned home from your honeymoon, you receive your digital images from your photographer. You are smiling ear to ear as you are looking through them, reliving the best day of your life and then…you close your laptop. What then? What are you going to do with your photos? Yes, you can have a few printed to hang on the walls of your house or post some to facebook and instagram. But what about the rest of your photos? How will you ensure that all of your favorite photos are preserved? This is why albums are SO important!

Here are a few things to think about:

    Technology is ever evolving. Think back to just a few years ago when photos were regularly delivered via CD. (My computers do not even have CD drives!) CDs can be lost or scratched (RIP favorite mix tape from 2007). USB flash drives are small and can be misplaced. Computers that are used to back up photos can crash. As a prime example: many of my favorite older photos are stored on my 2011 MacBook Pro. Macbooks are one of the most dependable computers money can buy and yet, this computer will not power on. At one point, I had all of the photos transferred to a flash drive that I have since misplaced. I have yet to take the laptop to Apple to try and salvage my photos. Bottom line: technology is changing everyday! The ways that we use to deliver and save photos are becoming obsolete. When we save digital files, we always run the risk of losing those files forever. Tangible photographs are the only way to truly preserve important life events. (Even videography requires a computer and digital files!) There is no better way to keep all of your important photos safe than storing them in an album that will stand the test of time.Investing in an album forces you to do something with your photos! (Sometimes we all need a little nudge). Instead of having all of your photos sitting unseen on a flash drive or in an online gallery, you can have a gorgeous high quality book filled with all of your favorites! Do your photos justice!Albums provide a nostalgic trip down memory lane. There is nothing like holding your album, feeling it’s weight, flipping through the thick, smooth pages and reliving all of your special memories. Looking at images on a computer just isn’t the same. (Imagine looking through your album on each anniversary!)Your wedding is an investment! From the dress, flowers, food, venue, music, photography…it’s not cheap! Your wedding album is also an investment, and worth every penny. All of the albums I am offering are heirloom quality. This means that they will stand the test of time and can be passed down to your children! These beautiful albums can only be purchased through a professional photographer.
This album is conversation piece ready

What kind of album should I order?

-For a wedding, a 10X10 or 12X12 book with thick pages and customized embossing on the cover makes for a gorgeous presentation.

-For an engagement, an 8X8 book with thin pages is perfect!

(These are just suggestions! Ultimately, the design of your album is completely up to you!)

Lay flat binding

What photos should I fill my album with?

All of your favorites! Albums are a great way to tell a STORY. Your album is your own personal storybook. It can be arranged to provide a complete view of your special day from beginning to end- from getting ready, to the first look, to the grand send off.

What is the album process?

We will work together to pick your favorite photos, which I will then use to design your album. Up to two revisions are included in pricing. You will receive your album on your doorstep within 2 weeks!

Just some of the sizes offered.

An album for every budget

The price of your album depends on size, number of photos included, page thickness, cover material, whether or not there is embossing, etc. (Tip: Think about using some of the gift money from your wedding towards an album!)

In conclusion…

An album is an investment and one that I believe to be so incredibly important. Couples go to great lengths to ensure that all of the details of their wedding day are perfect. I want to encourage every couple to remember the magic of their big day and all of the little details that made it so special by preserving their photos in an heirloom album.

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