The Ultimate Guide to DC Cherry Blossom Engagement Photos

There’s a reason cherry blossom photos are so popular. Those gorgeous, light pink flowers are elegant, romantic, and symbolic of our incredible city. They make for some beautiful and timeless engagement photos you will treasure for the rest of your life. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this gorgeous seasonal opportunity, I have a few tips, tricks, and things to remember for DC cherry blossom engagement photos you’ll never forget. 

DC Cherry Blossom Engagement Photos – Your Guide to Stunning Images That Will Last A Lifetime


Typically, the cherry blossoms bloom around the last week of March into the first week of April. It varies year to year, depending on the weather, so keep your eye on bloom reports as the season approaches. The blossoms generally last about a week or two, but they can also be longer – depending on Mother Nature! 

Don’t worry too much if the timing of your photoshoot doesn’t fall exactly on the day of peak bloom. We’ll still find plenty of ways to get gorgeous photos that show off both you and the cherry blossoms. 


While you can find cherry blossoms all over DC, the most famous ones reside around the Tidal Basin near the National Mall and some of its most iconic statues and memorials. As a heads-up, a photography permit is required to shoot at all monuments on the National Mall, and permits are more heavily regulated during peak bloom when the crowds come out. 

If you are discovered having your photos taken without a permit, you will be asked to leave and fined. It’s a little annoying, but totally worth the $140 for the peace of mind while we shoot!

If you’re looking for a more secluded location with cherry blossoms for your pictures, just let me know, and I’ll happily help you find the perfect spot. 


It’s no secret that the cherry blossoms are a huge draw for crowds, and as the day goes on, the amount of people roaming the area gets a little crazy. I highly recommend a sunrise photoshoot for a few reasons. First, the lighting will be exceptionally beautiful for perfect, romantic portraits, and second, we’ll avoid the massive crowds of people around during sunset hours. 

It will still be busy, even early in the morning for your DC cherry blossom engagement photos. Still, we’ll be better able to get those gorgeous pictures that make it look like you and your partner are the only ones around for miles. 


With all the crowds drawn to the area during peak bloom, parking can be a little bit of a nightmare. That’s another bonus to getting up early for your photos! I recommend parking near the Jefferson Monument or at least putting that into your GPS. There will be parking around the area, and it isn’t far from the Tidal Basin. 

Leave plenty of time to get there and find a parking spot; this community knows DC traffic and construction for their unpredictability! Of course, we’ll come up with a good meeting place a few days before your photoshoot. Hence, you’ll know exactly where to be. 



Since DC weather can be a little unpredictable and temperamental, it’s always best to bring layers, especially early in the morning. Wear something that makes you feel absolutely gorgeous, but don’t shy away from a stylish jacket or coat that you wouldn’t hate being featured in your photos, in case it’s exceptionally chilly. 

We can always grab a few photos of you sans coat. Maybe we’ll even get lucky and hit an early spring warm streak, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry for your DC cherry blossom engagement photos. Also, don’t be afraid to wear heels, but bring a second pair of shoes that are easy to walk in as we move from location to location. 

DC Cherry Blossom Engagement Photos 

Being a photographer in DC means I get to know some pretty incredible couples and share my favorite spots around the city. It’s my job to help you capture the moments of connection and authentic joy between you and your partner, whether on your wedding day or in the months leading up to it. I am here to help you with every detail, question, and concern about your photography journey. I love helping you tell your story in timeless images you will proudly share for the rest of your life. I’m ready when you are – let’s start planning your DC cherry blossom engagement photos today!

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