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Washington, DC is known for its grand spaces. Whether you want outdoor monuments or legendary indoor settings, our city has no shortage of areas to take fantastic portraits. If you’re looking for a unique indoor space with natural light and plenty of stunning architecture, I would love to tell you all about The National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC and why it would be the perfect spot for your session. 

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About The National Portrait Gallery Washington DC

National Portrait Gallery is a branch of the Smithsonian founded in 1962. The mission of the museum was to showcase portraits of historically significant individuals who have affected the culture and development of their time. The museum features pictures, paintings, new media, and performing arts to tell the stories of these individuals and their impact on the world. 

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The museum is the only place outside the White House with a complete collection of presidential portraits, including the renowned George Washington portrait, “Lansdowne.” Today, the museum has over 23,000 pieces of media on display. 

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The museum invites you to bring in cameras to capture this gorgeous space. The interior features an open courtyard. This area has an atrium roof allowing large amounts of muted natural light. The courtyard leads into various exhibits, all marked with entrances constructed with Greek revival architecture. 

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The polished tile mixed with the light and the background buildings is the perfect place to take portraits of any variety. Throughout the museum, the portraits are displayed on dark and moody walls, and grand staircases take you from one floor to the next. The building features iron balconies, Grecian columns, and exquisite details around every corner. The details make it the ideal space for a romantic photo session. 

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Specialty Areas

The Portrait Gallery shares building space with the American Art Museum. Because both offer free admission, you can easily switch from one room to another for your pictures. The art gallery features a beautiful open space with mezzanines marked by dark and jutting iron railings. The textures of this, combined with the high ceiling, make it a favorite spot for many engagement sessions. 

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The American Art Museum also features The Electronic Superhighway. This piece shows the United States lit up with neon lights and television screens. The bright colors against the dark backdrop make for fascinating photos. The museum provides many gorgeous colors to give your session the right combination of fun and elegant pictures. pregnant woman stands in front of large stone carved doors to museum

While the spaces offer unlimited interior spots for your pictures, the limestone of the entrance provides a clean backdrop for the beginning of your session. 

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National Portrait Gallery Washington DC

The National Portrait Gallery is one of my favorite spots in Washington, DC for pictures. Whether you’re searching for a space to take photographs celebrating your engagement or need a spot to take unforgettable family portraits, The National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC has the perfect background. 

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