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Choosing Where To Get Ready On Your Wedding Day

Choosing where to get ready on your wedding day might be the last thing on your to-do list, but here’s why you might want to give it a little more thought.

Your getting-ready spot can make all the difference for these treasured photos with your VIP family members and bridal party. The morning of your wedding is full of excitement, and the photos are some of the most candid and fun photos of the day. With all these moments and excitement to capture, it’s important to think about the space you’ll choose to spend time leading up to the big “I do!”

So let’s dive right into my tips on choosing the perfect spot to get ready on your wedding day.

6 Things Your Getting Ready Space Needs

1. Space

Depending on the size of your bridal party and family, you’re going to want lots of space to get ready in!

For the places you’re considering, are they large enough to fit your entire bridal party + family members comfortably? Are there giant mirrors, or is there more than one mirror? And if there’s more than one mirror, are they scattered across a couple of rooms?

It’s also not just about space for the people gathering in the rooms… you also need space for all their stuff! Bags, dresses, accessories, and more will fill the room, and we still want enough room to hang your dress for those full-frame detail photos you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Character

More and more brides are opting to rent a property for the wedding weekend, or even just for getting ready specifically, because of a little thing called character.

The details and character in the room add to the feelings you have the morning of the wedding, and they make your getting-ready photos pop! Small details and elegant historical decor can transform getting-ready photos into works of art.

3. Natural Light

But even a space with AMAZING character needs a little help from the sun. Natural light is an absolute game-changer for photos, so be on the lookout for spaces with lots of windows for natural light to pour in and illuminate the space.

4. Outdoor Options

I don’t know about you, but I personally love the fresh, airy, and bright look of photos taken outside. So when you’re looking for your perfect spot to get ready, choosing a space with some outdoor access or even a sweet rooftop or terrace, you give yourself (and your wedding photographer!) even more backdrop options for the day.

5. Location

I’d argue that wedding and getting ready photos are sometimes worth a location a little farther away. But having a further location brings in a few questions to consider.

    Do you need to factor in additional transportation to the actual wedding venue? How much time do you need to add to your wedding timeline for traveling to and from the venue?

6. Visualize yourself + your group

Last but not least, be sure you can visualize yourself in the places you’re looking at! Do they reflect your style, the feel of your wedding? And are they a space that you and your friends can spend time in, laughing and getting ready before you say “I do” to your soulmate?

Trust your gut and choose a space that feels right for you.

Now that we’ve gone through what the space needs to accomplish, let’s chat about some actual ideas for getting ready on your wedding day! As a wedding photographer, these are some of my favorite spots:

3 Venue Ideas To Get Ready On Your Wedding Day

Your Wedding Venue

This seems like an obvious choice for where to get ready the morning of your wedding, right? If you love your venue’s character, decor, and design, you probably want as many photos as possible!

Rental or Private Residence

If you need a little extra space or another location in addition to your wedding venue or ceremony location, I think an Airbnb or private home is an excellent option! Renting an Airbnb for your bridal party to stay in the night before the wedding can also be fun to add a little extra quality time to your wedding weekend schedule.


Instead of a house, brides can book a hotel for getting ready, especially if you’re having a destination wedding or a lot of guests in town for the big day. If you are getting ready at a hotel where many of your guests are also staying, just make sure you’ve coordinated a way to sneak out without anyone seeing you!

Are you feeling good? I know the perfect place is out there for you, and with all the resources and options, you’ll find the perfect spot to get ready on your wedding day. If you need more help finding the perfect spot for your getting-ready photos and someone to capture all the magical moments of your wedding day, I’m here to help!

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