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Three Things You Can Do Right Now To Make Wedding Planning Easier

Planning a wedding is a LOT of work! I have compliled a list of three things you can do to make planning your wedding a breeze! As a wedding photographer and a past bride, I know these tips will help keep you organized and on you way to saying “I do!”

1. Create an email JUST for your wedding.

Your email is your best friend when you are planning a wedding. It is typically how you communicate with wedding vendors like florists, photographers, and coordinators. I send all of my couples emails that contain important information like their contract and wedding day timeline. In order to keep everything organized and easily accessible, I recommend setting up an email address just for your wedding that you and your partner can both access. As an example, my wedding email was Having a designated email for your wedding allows you you to keep everything wedding related in one spot. Plan smarter, not harder!

2. Prioritize what is important. Aka: the must haves.

I suggest sitting down with your partner to decide what things are non- negotiable and make those be the first things you book/budget for. Do you HAVE TO HAVE a certain vendor at your wedding? While they might be a little more expensive than another option, you know you are willing to spend a little extra to have them at your wedding. Typically, couples book their venues, photographers, and coordinators first. Make sure to reach out to your preferred vendors as soon as possible so that your wedding date isn’t taken by another couple! Remember: There are only 52 weekends in a year.

3. Make a master list of names and addresses.

I can’t tell you how many times I needed this list while planning my own wedding. These names and addresses are used for sending out save the dates, invites, and THANK YOU NOTES. (I’m a firm believe in thank you notes). Whether you keep this list on your phone, computer or on a notebook, you’ll thank me later!

Did you find one of these helpful? Tell me which in the comments!

Happy planning!

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