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Virginia Weddings On Film

As a Virginia film wedding photographer, I seek to capture wedding days in a timeless way. Film has a nostalgic and romantic look… one which digital cameras can’t quite replicate.  Keep scrolling for a glimpse into the film wedding portfolio.

An Introduction To  Film

Film photography was first invented in 1885 (hello history lesson!) by George Eastman. His first camera was called the “Kodak”. Since then, film has improved leaps and bounds. Today, it has gained increasing popularity.

How Does Film Work?

Once a roll of film is used, it then needs to be processed. I send my professional wedding film to a company that is capable of processing the rolls correctly  (rather than using a consumer film service like CVS or Target). I mail my film rolls to photovision prints.

Unlike digital cameras or iPhones, there is no immediate preview of the shot you just took on a film camera. This adds an element of surprise and anticipation to the use of film.

Once the film is processed, it is made into a digital scan and delivered to my email.  Receiving film scans back is like Christmas morning, truly!



Why Film ?

Film’s romantic and nostalgic look lends well to luxury wedding photography. It has a timelessness that will be enjoyed for years to come and, in my opinion, never go out of style. Trends come and go but the film look is here to stay, as evidenced by it’s on-going popularity. Film creates a look that is imperfect and unique- something that the modern mechanics of digital cameras can’t fully replicate.

The Type Of Camera and Film I Use For Virginia Weddings

I use a vintage Pentax 645N for wedding photography work, which is a medium format camera that takes 120mm film. My favorite film stock is Fuji 400h, which has a bright, pastel look. All of the images you see here were taken with Fuji 400h film.

Film requires a knowledge of how to use light, camera settings and proper exposure to create beautiful imagery. The best way to become a pro at film photography? Lots and lots of practice!


Film Vs Digital and Cost Breakdown

Each roll of film costs approximately $12 to purchase and approximately $19 to have developed. Compared to a digital camera, which can take virtually unlimited photos,  film forces the user to slow down and make every image count. Each roll of medium format film allows for 16 images to be taken (and 35mm allowing for 30.+ images).  Because vintage film cameras have recently increased in popularity, the cost of them have raised to more than new DSLRs! In short, film is significantly more expensive to use than digital.

I match my digital work as closely as I can to film with presets and editing.

Film or Digital?

Both! On a wedding day, I use both my digital and film cameras. While my main focus is capturing the day with my digital camera, I love to use a few rolls of film as well.

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